About Patrick Tresset:

In this exhibition Patrick Tresset exhibits the outcome of his 9 months residency in Konstanz University’s Computer Graphics and Media Design group. The residency has been focused on developing algorithms to drive the painting robot, e-David.  The painting style of the portraits presented is influenced by pre-impressionist masters, early computational imagery and Tresset own painting style. The portraits subjects are based on Paul’s (the robot) memories.

Three „Paul the robot“ will also be present, modeled on the „5 Robots Named Paul“ installation presented in 2012 with the support of Tate Modern in London, it allows members of the public to be sketched by three robots simultaneously. Members of the public will be able to acquire the drawings.

Patrick Tresset is a French artist-scientist that investigates human artistic activity and our relation to machines in particular our relations with robotic entities. In the context of his art practice, Patrick uses what he calls “clumsy robotics” to create autonomous entities that are cybernetic representations of the artist, and in a certain manner representation of himself. His robots are based on advanced technologies using research findings from computer vision, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

Patrick encountered and practiced computing, painting, drawing and sculpture from an early age in France. Following a degree in Business Computing, Patrick migrated to London to become a painter. Between 1991 and 2003 his work was exhibited in solo and group shows in London and Paris. In 2003 Patrick lost his ability to paint and draw, he has since been working on computational and robotic systems that are able to draw.

Patrick’s work has been internationally exhibited in solo and group shows, and other events in galleries, museums such as the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern  in London. Tresset’s next installation will be exhibited at the Pompidou center in Paris (19/10/2013-2/11/2013). Tresset’s work has also been the subject of numerous article in the international press (The Times (UK), The Independent (UK), Le monde (FR), El Mundo (SP), El Economista (MX))

Patrick Tresset residency is financed and facilitated by the University of Konstanz’s zukunftskolleg