Exhibition „Zufallszwänge“ shows robotic paintings between the poles of science and art.

Two robots draw and paint: e-David, an industrial colossus, programmed by computer graphic designer Oliver Deussen and his team of students, and Paul, the delicate, nervous little brother of artist Patrick Tresset. The Exhibition shows different forms of art produced by robotic entities. Visitors are welcomed to watch a nameless deputy in place of e-David working, to discover the technological backgrounds and to let themselves be portrayed by Paul.

Students from the faculties of literature-, art- and media studies and computer science organized the exhibition under the guidance of Albert Kümmel-Schnur. The exhibition deals with the question if and how robots are able to produce art and be artists.

Robotic art develops between the conflicting poles of strict rules and more or less great degrees of freedom, which are conceded by the algorithmic regulations. Robotic art therefor varies a fundamental topic, with which the discourse of art deals since modernism: the rejection of academic constraints, of cultural norms and the search for literally unseen moments, ideas and images which artists can only generate through their dedication to chaos and coincidence – things beyond human influence.

In this exhibition Patrick Tresset exhibits the outcome of his 9 months residency in Konstanz University’s Computer Graphics and Media Design group. The residency has been focused on developing algorithms to drive the painting robot, e-David.  The painting style of the portraits presented is influenced by pre-impressionist masters, early computational imagery and Tresset own painting style.

Three „Paul the robot“ will also be present, modeled on the „5 Robots Named Paul“ installation presented in 2012 with the support of Tate Modern in London, it allows members of the public to be sketched by three robots simultaneously. Members of the public will be able to acquire the drawings.

The exhibition is supported by the „Exzellenzcluster“ and the „Zukunftsinitiative“ of the University of Constance, aswell by „Amt für Schulen, Bildung und Wissenschaft“ of the city of Constance.


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